About Us


Well it is simple, we buy, we refurbish and then we sell, OR, we collect then separate and recycle (responsibly and according to EWASA standards).

We could write a book on these two basic fundamentals but even if we had it still comes down to the same bottom line. “RE-USE or RECYCLE RESPONSIBLY”.


Most companies accumulate large amounts of redundant I.T hardware. We love it, we will inspect all abandoned basements, store rooms or warehouses where old equipment has been stored, we then provide you with an accurate audited list that can be disposed of, by Sinebar.


“Where ever, when ever, day or night we deliver”. That is what most companies would say. Not us, In order to make sure we don’t waste your time and our money we carefully co-ordinate every collection prior to dispatching a vehicle. The last thing we want is for “Piet, the cleaner” to give us your brand new server just deployed by mistake. We confirm every collection and schedule it with the relevant person responsible. BTW, we are insured for all goods in transit.

Buy Back

We can all do with some extra “bucks”. Our company will give you fair market value for your redundant I.T hardware and up to R3.50 per kilogram for any e-waste. Like they say, “space is money”. We buy back all desktops, monitors, laptops, servers and printers. Just to be clear, e-waste and redundant I.T hardware are two completely deferent commodities. “Big bucks for working equipment and a petty cash for e-waste”.

Data Security

ACRONIS, need we say more? We really hate giving people homework because we also hate homework but we did pay attention in the class and it has never failed us. On a more serious note, check out www.acronis.com and decide for yourself. We will, in writing, take full accountability for any data leaking into the market from our facility. Acronis is a 100% safe data destruction tool. “Add
it to your Bucket List”


Do we simply scan it, palletize it, shelve it and done? “NO”, every device goes through, depending on the device, data scrubbing “HELLO ACRONIS”, testing, cleaning and storage. Asset tracking is available at all times via serial number. BTW: All your asset tags and brand logos get removed as well.